Some weddings and love stories and occasional rambling.

Cadyn: Dance Shoot

Everything was in bright sun. All the spots I pre-selected the day before our shoot were basically useless. I called a hail mary and told Laura to meet me at our "backup" location. When I drove up, everything but one spot was burning with midday light. 

Fortunately that one spot was a cool old door covered in ivy. So we got moving. I placed a few lights, Laura pulled out some Pinterest inspiration and iced coffees, and Cadyn did the heavy lifting. Enjoy.

Virtual Reality Commercial Shoot

I thought this shoot was cool so I wanted to share it with you:

We're playing with some ideas for a cover image for an upcoming report. This plays off the idea of augmented reality/immersive technology. Just a concept. Thoughts?

Photos of cover concept, image, and BTS.



Knew we wanted a surreal vibe - so combining technology with something natural made sense. Horsebarn Hill is right here and I knew we could get pasture and sky without any interference from trees/horizon. A faculty member from the OPIM dept was more than willing to lend us some students and tech and we went from concept to shooting within 12 hours.

I wanted our subject floating, to add to the sense of VR, so I placed him on a stool (he had a spotter) knowing I could remove the stool legs later in Photoshop CC.

The sun was 92.96 million miles away and to the right of the camera, so all I needed was another punchy light about 10 feet to the left at 600 w/s to add some dimension and make our subject pop.


Touched up in Lightroom CC
Stool removed in Photoshop + other adjustments
Final touches in Lightroom

Tech details:

Shot on Nikon D750
1/320 @ f/10
ISO 100
24mm (24-70 2.8)


Godox Witstro Flashes AD600BM, full power, camera left. Reflector with 40 degree grid.

This was done on assignment for the UConn School of Business (C) 2018 Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business.


Anna and Jeremy: Yale (New Haven), CT

"Okay, kick your leg back!" I was talking to Anna but Jeremy decided to pop his leg up for good measure. That's pretty much how the whole shoot around Yale in New Haven went today. By that, I mean that we spent most moments between frames joking around until we wove our way over to Blue State Coffee. After an engagement shoot in sub-40 temps, we treated ourselves to hot cider, hot chocolate, and a dirty chai. Perfect wrap to a great shoot.

These two are so much fun and I can only imagine how fun the wedding is going to be. Enjoy!