Digital Media Solutions

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Commercial/Fashion Photography and Video Solutions


You've worked hard to build your business and brand - don't let sub-par media slow you down. If you don't have the resources for your own in-house media production, or if you prefer to hire for a specific project or campaign, you've come to the right place. We specialize in visual media that supports and elevates your brand or business. Here's some of the work we do:

Photo/Graphic Solutions:

  • Headshots: executive-level photography, refined or creative or both, you choose. 

  • Event Photography: document your fundraiser, awareness campaign, service project, etc.

  • Portrait/Fashion Photography: need to get a cover image of a VIP? Need to highlight your clothing brand or brand ambassadors? Get the GQ shots here for web or print content.

  • Graphic Design: annual reports, brochures, flyers, logo design

  • Web design: we build off of Squarespace. 


Video Solutions: we work with your team from planning and strategy through production and distribution. 

  • Brand Promo Video: short-form videos that live on your homepage and circulate social media. Usually 60-120 seconds. Show your team, your work, and your vision. Tell the world why they need you. 
  • Branded Serial Video Content: a series of short-form videos that give you compelling digital content to stand out in the market. These could be quick interviews with customers, event series highlights, short stories that engage your audience. 
  • Branded Solo Video Content: video coverage for a specific event or special project

Some commercial/fashion/editorial photography: