New England-Based Video Solutions

Great video is story-centric and cinematic and consumable.

Story-Centric: the most compelling videos leverage authentic stories and people to showcase your brand, your campaign, your purpose. We always work with your team to identify the underlying stories which best demonstrate your goals and heart.

Cinematic: there is a time and place for the quick smartphone video, but if you want your visuals to stand out, you need both content (story) and style. We use camera movement, lighting, and audio to help frame and deliver your story to the audience.

Consumable: along with great content and style, your visuals need to be approachable. This takes into consideration that messaging, length, and channels of distribution.

Types of Video Solutions: we work with your team from planning and strategy through production and distribution. 

  • Website/Digital Promo

  • TV Spot

  • Serial Storytelling (Testimonials)

  • Campaign Branded Videos

  • Comprehensive Campaign Assets (Includes Video, Photo, Design)

  • Seasonal/Special Release Media