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Breakfast Blend: Catalysts and Constancy

While speaking with a friend recently, we juxtaposed the popular trend of being a catalyst with the need for more people who value constancy. The difference is this: it is very easy to be a catalyst. When considering the years of effort and sweat it takes to grow a vision, it's relatively easy to start something and leave it for other people to wrap up. What we lack in our culture of immediate gratification is people of constancy; individuals who are regarded not only for their vision and drive, but their dependability and resolution. We need more people willing to go beyond casting a vision; people who will go through boredom, stress and obstacles to protect the infantile dream, letting it mature and strengthen into a movement. We need less starters and more finishers. 

This is true for your business and your goals as an individual and as a family. This is true for your faith and your friends. Don't just start reading a book, finish it. Don't just make a marketing plan, execute it. Don't just plan to do things with your kids, do them. As you watch these visions grow into reality, you just might find yourself growing as well, and those dreams you once thought were fantasy start to look reachable. Be a person who values constancy. 

Here are some examples of my photographic/business goals over the next year. This is part of the plan of becoming a person of constancy: 

  • Slow down: weddings are fast, and we never want to interrupt the flow of the day, but as much as possible we want to be a source of confidence for our clients. We also want to be intentional about the images we make. I don't want to rush through every moment, scrambling to fill my CF cards. In every situation, I want to consider, compose and capture. 
  • Follow though on marketing goals: I don't have a large marketing budget. Scratch that. I don't have a marketing budget. This means that I need to make the best use of free marketing in order to showcase my work and attract new clients. Social media, face-to-face networking, above average service and amazing images are free ways to meet marketing goals. 
  • Network: In a popular art form like photography, there is much to learn from our peers. I plan to assist and work alongside other talented and passionate photographers in the area. 
  • Find creative outlets: I want to continue to push my creative brain by experimenting with new methods and images. 

What are some ways you can move beyond being a catalyst and demonstrate constancy in your own life?