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Family Lifestyle Photos: $99 Fall Special!

"Timmy, look at the camera. Look at the camera, Timmy. TIMMY, LOOK AT THE CAMERA! SMILE TIMMY! WHY AREN'T YOU SMILING!"

* Throws camera into lake *

We've all been there. I have two boys. I know. Getting that perfect image of your kids is nearly impossible and it's because we're trying too hard to capture this innocent and sweet face to plaster on every Christmas card. Except, when was the last time your child just sat and stared sweetly at you, without moving, with a perfect smile? It doesn't happen. So I decided early on that I wouldn't try to make it happen.

Our philosophy on family photography is different. We move with you guys. We pick a place that kids would like to go and we work around your family as you laugh and play. Will you have that picture where everyone is in a matching holiday sweater looking into the camera? No. Will you have authentic images with giggles and smiles and emotion? Absolutely. Isn't that what you really want, anyways?

So here's what to expect:

  • Once we pick a spot (it will be local to Tolland and outdoors), you show up for your 30-minute  session.
  • We find something for the kids to do and chat for a minute
  • Once the kids are engaged with something/playing we start shooting
  • Parents move in to hang and play with the kids and we get images of that, too
  • We high-five, or hug, or shake hands and part ways.
  • I edit your images.
  • You have your images (25+) sent to you via PASS (pinterest-like gallery) for you to download, share, print, etc.

That's it. These are fun sessions. Feel free to dress in your best autumn outfits, but don't stress over it on your way to the shoot...remember these are supposed to be fun! I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with y'all!

- Nate