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How to Get a Great Headshot

How do you get a shot like this? In a word...collaboration.

What's my job?

  • Find a great location/backdrop (or bring one)
  • Set up dynamic lighting
  • Give direction for posing
  • Work with (or against) the elements
  • 10 years of experience to get the shot
  • Keep things moving...different poses

But that's not it. I could do everything perfectly and still end up with a terrible photo. Why? Because a great headshot will take some work on the end of the client. So what's your job?

  • Pick appropriate, flattering clothes. Stay away from bright colors and extreme patterns unless that's the vibe we're going for.
  • Learn how to smile. A real smile actually affects your eyes. People can tell when you're not really smiling. If you don't like your smile, then don't force it. You can still achieve specific looks without a huge grin. In fact...that's a better approach many times. Practice in the mirror.
  • Be confident. How you feel about your self will translate into the picture. Stand tall. Chin up. Even if you're shy, you're getting your image made...put it aside for a few minutes and let yourself loosen up. I'll work with you, making jokes about my cheeseburger obsession or making small talk, but I'll need you to relax a bit. Drop your shoulders.

That's about it. There's a lot more that goes into a headshot than you might think but with some preparation on both our ends, we'll have something great to show at the end of it.