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It's Only Winter

Winter can be tough on parents with young kids. The snow may look pretty but after 15 minutes of play, noses are running, cheeks are red and tears from falling face first into a pile of snow are common. The rest of the time, single digit temperatures and freezing rain results in many days of hibernation with the parents reliving the same dirty kitchen floor and bedtime routine. We were starting to feel a bit cooped up (putting it lightly) so I hopped on Priceline, stared William Shatner in the face and bid on a hotel in Mystic. 

A few hours later we packed the kids into the minivan (don't knock it 'til you've tried it!) and took off. We treated ourselves to some lattes and bribed the toddler with dreams of clean hotel rooms and indoor heated swimming pools. It worked! We spent the day in Mystic, CT (if you haven't been, you need to go) and walked around the tiny downtown. Eli enjoyed his large red umbrella as he ran back and forth on the drawbridge, looking at the water then staring at the sky, trying to see the top of the steel. 

This was the perfect getaway...much needed and highly recommended. Sometimes a few nights away with 5-Guys Burgers and beluga whales is what a family needs to re-center and push through the remaining cold months. 

Try: The Ancient Mariner for lunch and clam chowder, The Hilton Hotel, Mystic Seaport and of course, the Mystic Aquarium