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Read This: Wedding Video Partnership with J. Fiereck!

This is an exciting post for me!

I love Jen's work. Stylistically and technically, Jen and I have a smilier taste and flow and it brings me a lot of pleasure knowing that we're going to be partnering to offer video services through J. Fiereck Photography

Couples that book their wedding with J. Fiereck and are looking for a beautiful video to match their images should consider these brand new packages. She'll photograph your day and I'll film it! It's the best deal going and to make it even better, I'm offering 20% off to the first couple that books a photo/video package with us. 

To see the last film teaser I produced, you can catch it here 

To learn more about pricing or to beat the crowd and get that 20% off, contact me

Visit J. Fiereck's Site!

Visit J. Fiereck's Site!