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Upcoming Print Sale for Hurricane Matthew Relief!

Hurricane Matthew was devastating - IS devastating - and if you've been wondering about a way to help, I have a great solution for you.

The phenomenal Photographer Von Wong reached out to a community of photographers and asked for them to donate some favorite nature/weather/outdoor related prints. The funds from those prints will then go directly to a charity (more info on that TBD).  

This is part of an ongoing project Benjamin Von Wong is using to raise awareness about climate change but listen, if you don't believe in climate change or think it's some plot by the illuminati to control the world, I want you to participate anyways because these funds from this sale are going directly to relief from the most recent major natural disaster - Hurricane Matthew.

The sale is expected to begin next Wednesday, October 19th. The photo you see below is the image that will be for sale. It's an image of Horsebarn Hill in Storrs, Connecticut, across from the University of Connecticut. It is an iconic area for anyone from Northeastern Connecticut and will look great in your house, or apartment, or dorm. Promise!

I will update with more information when we get closer to the date. In the meantime, get excited and prepare to tell your friends! Prices look like they will range from $20-$200 depending on print size, but again, that's all subject to change in the next week. 



Good Friday Film Fiesta

Before I was a photographer, I was a videographer. I started in film and made the switch to stills after a few negative experiences early on. I had some issues with audio files on an older DV camera and it pretty much made me never want to rely on moving footage again, even though I loved the platform of film to tell a story.

Technology has evolved a lot since then and you can now easily capture reliable audio and I have the tools at my disposal to create short films without too much hassle. I've played around with some short films for the past few years but really put out my first short film for a Good Friday service at St. Paul's Church. 

This film explores how the cross is necessitated by our very existence- hence the man building the cross and placing the nails into the wood himself. 


A Day Off: Lyman Orchards

It feels like days off are rare. Even on weekends, somebody has to work or there are too many house projects to feel like there was a day of rest. We looked ahead this weekend and came up with a plan to get that oh-so-necessary family time that knits us together. We decided to check out Lyman Orchards because 1. we love orchards (we're New Englanders after all, it's in the blood) and 2. Daniel Tiger (Mr. Roger's younger, cuter and fuzzier replacement) was making a guest appearance. We took the boys to pick peaches and blueberries and then purchased copious amount of apple cider doughnut holes for the ride home. Everything was a hit...except maybe Daniel Tiger who was "too big" in Eli's opinion.  These are the days we love...