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Jeremy and Anna: Hebron, Ct

The heat wave broke right before Jeremy and Anna said their vows in the woods of Hebron, Connecticut. Family came from across the globe (literally) to laugh and love with two of the most authentic and funny people I know. Special thanks to the couple for letting me take them through the woods at Gay City State Park and pull some GQ style on the picnic tables.

Please, enjoy.

Anna and Jeremy: Yale (New Haven), CT

"Okay, kick your leg back!" I was talking to Anna but Jeremy decided to pop his leg up for good measure. That's pretty much how the whole shoot around Yale in New Haven went today. By that, I mean that we spent most moments between frames joking around until we wove our way over to Blue State Coffee. After an engagement shoot in sub-40 temps, we treated ourselves to hot cider, hot chocolate, and a dirty chai. Perfect wrap to a great shoot.

These two are so much fun and I can only imagine how fun the wedding is going to be. Enjoy!