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Virtual Reality Commercial Shoot

I thought this shoot was cool so I wanted to share it with you:

We're playing with some ideas for a cover image for an upcoming report. This plays off the idea of augmented reality/immersive technology. Just a concept. Thoughts?

Photos of cover concept, image, and BTS.



Knew we wanted a surreal vibe - so combining technology with something natural made sense. Horsebarn Hill is right here and I knew we could get pasture and sky without any interference from trees/horizon. A faculty member from the OPIM dept was more than willing to lend us some students and tech and we went from concept to shooting within 12 hours.

I wanted our subject floating, to add to the sense of VR, so I placed him on a stool (he had a spotter) knowing I could remove the stool legs later in Photoshop CC.

The sun was 92.96 million miles away and to the right of the camera, so all I needed was another punchy light about 10 feet to the left at 600 w/s to add some dimension and make our subject pop.


Touched up in Lightroom CC
Stool removed in Photoshop + other adjustments
Final touches in Lightroom

Tech details:

Shot on Nikon D750
1/320 @ f/10
ISO 100
24mm (24-70 2.8)


Godox Witstro Flashes AD600BM, full power, camera left. Reflector with 40 degree grid.

This was done on assignment for the UConn School of Business (C) 2018 Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business.