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Sarah and Charles: Mansfield, CT

I love getting to shoot around my hometown, especially when there are so many beautiful places next to each other! As a professional photographer, I take pride in being early to all my shoots and when I arrived to our pre-determined location, I opted to hike to the top of a cliff, lugging all my gear behind me. Once on top, I got my lights set up and dialed in all my settings.

15 minutes later I get the call. "We're here, where are you?" I look around, though in the back of my mind I already know what's happened. "Hang tight guys, I'll be there in 15 minutes". I climbed the wrong trail! So in my bag goes all the gear and I half trot, half run down the muddy/snowy trail and find the entrance down the road for Coney Rock. Oops!

But it's okay because Sarah and Charles are way cool and were soaking up the 55 degree day in late January (unheard of!). We started the session and worked our way all the way down to the Grist Mill all the while talking about our mutual affection for homewrecker burritos at Moe's (welcome to moe's!). 

I seriously can't wait for their big's going to be a blast. Congrats on your engagement Sarah and Charles!