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Sarah and Charles: Mansfield, CT

I love getting to shoot around my hometown, especially when there are so many beautiful places next to each other! As a professional photographer, I take pride in being early to all my shoots and when I arrived to our pre-determined location, I opted to hike to the top of a cliff, lugging all my gear behind me. Once on top, I got my lights set up and dialed in all my settings.

15 minutes later I get the call. "We're here, where are you?" I look around, though in the back of my mind I already know what's happened. "Hang tight guys, I'll be there in 15 minutes". I climbed the wrong trail! So in my bag goes all the gear and I half trot, half run down the muddy/snowy trail and find the entrance down the road for Coney Rock. Oops!

But it's okay because Sarah and Charles are way cool and were soaking up the 55 degree day in late January (unheard of!). We started the session and worked our way all the way down to the Grist Mill all the while talking about our mutual affection for homewrecker burritos at Moe's (welcome to moe's!). 

I seriously can't wait for their big's going to be a blast. Congrats on your engagement Sarah and Charles!

Special Update: Family Lifestyle Photography

I took a break from photographing families for a while. I felt this pressure to compete with the images that cheap studios put out because people always seemed to want a photo of their kid smiling perfectly with their hands folded on their lap. I knew it wasn't for me. Trying to get that "perfect moment" with six kids screaming and jumping in the dirt just wasn't happening and more importantly, I didn't feel like it expressed my artistic sense. 

Fast forward to this Summer. I've been blessed with the chance to go all in to the business while staying home with my boys. I usually leave my big camera at home because it just feels clunky when I'm frantically trying to grab Sam before he launches into the sea, but on my last outing with the boys, I brought it along and something clicked.

I enjoy photographing families in their natural environment. No posing. No direction. Just follow and shoot. Just get the life in motion. No need to inhibit the natural energy and joy of children. I've done this a few times in the past and the results are get to see a family in the flurry of life and the beauty of the mess. It's perfect, really. 

So that's my way of saying the books are open for family shoots, if you're interested. I'm not going to pose your kids. We'll find a park or swimmin' hole. We can climb on some rock walls or play in a classic car...whatever you want. Let's go have fun and show the world your real family portrait.